Dear all at Cotswold Carers.
Thank you so much for looking after my Mother Anne so well.
With kindness and care, I so admire and respect the work you all do. I imagine that it not easy. Thank goodness for all of you.
Love Natasha.

Karen and her team provided care and support for our parents for 2 years. First as a couple, then after the death of our father ,to our mother alone.

The kindness and reliable care they recieved enabled our parents to stay in their home in comfort and security, which was their most heartfelt wish.

We are extremely grateful to Karen and her team for such excellent care in difficult circumstances over an extended period.

Laura, Elizabeth and Claire

Dear All, Thanks so much for all your kindness and wonderful care of Mama. She spoke highly of you all. Kindness and compassion are the highest attributes anyone can have and you all have so much of both.

Thank you again. Kay.

As my Husband is disabled with a spinal injury, we needed someone staying overnight for a few weeks after i had knee replacement surgery.
We feel very lucky to have had Karon, who immediately grasped what sort of help i personally needed. She was super observant in the home, noticing every detail of how she found things and leaving everything as she found them. She made the bed exactly as she had seen me do it on the first day. She used her time economically, putting the washing on before bed time so it was ready to iron in the morning before she left! She seemed at ease with her job, which helps those recovering post-op.